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Smoking Kills 8,000 Israelis per year

in Health & Science

While Israelis may feel the life or death circumstances at any given moment on a daily basis, there is a recent report which shows the rates are rising of those inflicting harm on themselves. In an annual 2016 smoking report, the numbers and rates of smokers in Israel are alarming. Despite a 2011 effort by…

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Life Expectancy in Israel on the Rise

in Health & Science

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released their annual report this May, and Israel’s standing is good. The health statistics report touches on topics such as life expectancy rates, infant and maternal mortality rates, use of alcohol and drugs, vaccination and disease rates, and other medical services and information. Israel ranks high in life expectancy,…

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Aerosmith and the Power of Music

in Life, Culture & Sports

If you had to imagine a group of Israelis standing in line for over two hours, your experience would likely consist of one large clump of humans smashed as close as possible to the front of wherever they think they need to be.  Now add 50,000 excited concert goers to that plus alcohol, and you…

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Israel is Roasting a Clean Meat Culture

in Economy & Innovation

In 2013, Mark Post made the first test-tube burger. He was convinced he could create a better way to produce meat. The lab-grown burger cost 250,000 British pounds, took 3 months to make using cultured animal cells – and actually tasted just like a burger. Fast forward to 2017 and dozens of organizations have jumped…

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Free Services for Tourists with Special Needs

in Tourism & Nature

For some, Israel is a place to call home. For others, visiting Israel is a distant dream – and especially for those with special needs. Brimming with culture, history and a range of beautiful geography, there is a slew of humans waiting desperately to journey to the Holy Land – and now they can. Thanks…

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