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Jerusalem Pulls in Over 200 Global Artists

in Life, Culture & Sports

Kicking off from October 2 until the end of November is the Jerusalem Biennale, an international art exhibition which invites global artists to contribute to beautifying the holy city based on a chosen theme, this year’s being ‘watershed moments.’ A watershed moment is defined as a point in history which brings along change, and based…

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Diamonds are Going Digital

in Economy & Innovation

A new digital currency is hitting the market, and its being backed by the Israel Diamond Exchange, or IDE, located in Ramat Gan, Israel. The Diamond Exchange is collaborating with a new digital currency startup, Carats.IO, which has created an updated framework for trading digital coins, backed by diamonds and based on Diamond Exchange data.…

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Tel Aviv Ignites with Innovation Fair

in Economy & Innovation

Since 2013, thousands of innovators have gathered in Tel Aviv to connect, create and meet at the DLD Innovation Fair. On its fifth consecutive year, the event is set to welcome thousands of people, about 120 delegations from across the world, and hundreds of global startups. With dozens of events hitting Tel Aviv city, attendees…

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Weizmann Institute Named Best International Researcher

in Health & Science

The Nature Index ranked the world’s top 200 research centers, and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science landed sixth on the list, and the first international best after the top five listed in the United States. The number one school listed is Scripps Research Institute in San Diego. The institutions were ranked according to the impact…

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Israel is driving Eco

in Uncategorized

Cities from north to south are taking measures to conserve environmental resources, decrease pollution, and support the latest wave of smart transportation. Due to continuous growth of the Israeli population and as a result of the number of cars and buses on roads, municipalities across the state of Israel are establishing efforts to prevent further…

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