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Robot Companion to Cure Loneliness for Elderly

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science
Credit: Pixabay

Loneliness is becoming a worldwide epidemic, especially for older people who live alone. Recent studies have proven the dire effects loneliness can have on someone’s life, and an Israeli company called Intuition Robotics has set out to change that. Intuition Robotics has brought together the fields of technology and psychology to create Elli●Q, a robot…

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Early diagnosis of autism has 88% chance of Saving Lives

in Health & Science/Monthly Report
Photo Credit: Mifne Center

“There has to be another way,” thought Dr. Hanna Alonim, as she saw 6-year old children tied to their beds, over-stimulated and over-medicated. When Hanna started her professional career in the 80’s and later received her PhD in Mental Health, she spent time working with a group of deaf children. What she discovered was frightening.…

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Tel Aviv Transportation is Rolling with the Times

in Economy & Innovation
Credit: Pexels

If there is one thing everyone in Israel can agree on, it is the disastrous parking situation in Tel Aviv. Residents can spend hours looking for parking spots, which increases frustration, air pollution, and traffic congestion in the city that never sleeps. The Tel Aviv municipality is finally making moves to create a long term…

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Can Your Smartphone Prevent Skin Cancer?

in Health & Science
Credit: Unsplash

The future has arrived, and it comes in the form of an app called DermaCompare. Skin cancer commonly starts from suspicious or changing moles on your body. The best case skin cancer scenario is finding the problem areas in their early stages. Now, DermaCompare is empowering people to take their health into their own hands,…

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Birthright Connects History, Hi Tech and Humanity

in Economy & Innovation

Wandering the streets in Tel Aviv are hundreds, if not thousands of tourists at any given time. These tourists are not just any tourists. They are groups of young Jews from across the world, most which have never been to Israel before, and have been chosen to join the ranks of Birthright. Birthright groups are…

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