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Young Israelis Connect with Holocaust Survivors

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Young Israelis have become a ray of light for Holocaust survivors. Over 160,000 survivors living in Israel need to survive a different kind of death sentence – loneliness. Studies have shown that people who feel lonely have double the chance of dying every day. For most survivors in Israel, add loneliness to the trauma of…

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Joe’s Violin of Hope

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Every instrument has a story. From the hands of a Holocaust survivor in a displaced persons camp to the hands of a young girl who lived in the Bronx, Joseph’s violin certainly had a tale to tell. Joseph was born in Warsaw in 1923 and remembered playing violin as a child, in tune with his…

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Ride for the living in Auschwitz

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The third Holocaust commemorative ‘Ride for the Living’ in Poland is about to become a huge success. While only 15 cyclists signed up for the first ride three years ago, last year’s ride listed 85 cyclists. This year, over 150 participants between 16 and 81 from eight countries are joining the 88 kilometre stretch from…

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

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The central theme for this year’s Holocaust Memorial ceremony is ‘Everything is Forbidden to Us, and Yet We do Everything”: The Struggle to Maintain the Human Spirit during the Holocaust.’ Not only for those who commemorate the perished Jewish people on Yad Vashem’s central square but for the whole country, it is one of the most…

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