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Israel’s Central Hospital Ranked Top 10 Worldwide

in Economy & Innovation

Serving over one million patients per year, Sheba Medical Center was ranked within the top ten of Newsweek’s list of best hospitals around the world. The hospital, located in Ramat Gan, took the number ten spot and as mentioned by Newsweek, is known for being “a leader in medical science and bio-technical innovation, both in…

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These Israeli Dogs Detect Cancer       

in Health & Science

A recent study shows that the unique sensory capabilities of dogs may allow them to screen for early signs of specific types of cancer. The study was conducted by Professor Pesach Schwartzman from Ben Gurion University, who reports that dogs and the types of the disease share the same aromatic qualities, so the dog is…

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Jerusalem Marathon Breaks Records

in Life, Culture & Sports

In the hilliest and holiest city of Jerusalem, a record-breaking number of 40,000 runners took to the streets to run the 9th annual Jerusalem Marathon. On the March 15th Friday morning, these thousands, which included about 4,600 athletes who flew in from 80 countries specifically for the event, chose from six differing routes to take.…

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IKEA and McDonald’s Make Accessible Changes

in Life, Culture & Sports

IKEA, Israel’s most beloved homegoods stores, has collaborated with two nonprofit organizations, Access Israel and Milbat, to create furniture add-ons accessible for people with disabilities. Together, the three organizations are working on the initiative called ThisAbles, with the aim of better integrating people who live in Israel with disabilities, and creating a way for them…

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Revolutionary Tech Solves Global Water Crisis

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

In only six years’ time, two thirds of the world will face a shortage of clean drinking water. While the earth is covered in 70% water, only 1% of that is accessible as drinking water, the world’s most valuable resource for survival. Thanks to the groundbreaking Israeli innovation, water can be created from nothing but…

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