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Exhibition Naomi Leshem: The Ghosts Of Others

in Life, Culture & Sports

Israeli-Swiss artist Naomi Leshem made a name for herself through her simple and serene photography. Her latest exhibition is “Ghosts of Others” and is not consistently recognizable as “typical” Naomi Leshem work. The series marks a turning point in Leshem’s art, from the processing of her own biography to the stories of others: people, objects…

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Thousands Rally to Advocate for Climate Change

in Health & Science/Tourism & Nature

On Friday, March 29, up to 7,000 people gathered in the heart of Tel Aviv for the People’s Climate March in hopes of governmental attention towards the inescapable issue of climate change. The rally was one of many international efforts to raise awareness about climate change during the month of March. The event was a…

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Longest Salt Cave in Israel Breaks World Record

in Tourism & Nature

The Malcham salt cave was discovered in Israel’s southern Mount Sodom around the Dead Sea, and is made up of almost 100% table salt. The cave was found in 1986 by Amos Frumkin, Director of the Hebrew University Cave Research Center, and until recently, its massive size remained unknown. The cave is thought to be…

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Israel’s Central Hospital Ranked Top 10 Worldwide

in Economy & Innovation

Serving over one million patients per year, Sheba Medical Center was ranked within the top ten of Newsweek’s list of best hospitals around the world. The hospital, located in Ramat Gan, took the number ten spot and as mentioned by Newsweek, is known for being “a leader in medical science and bio-technical innovation, both in…

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Billions of Butterflies Hit Israel

in Tourism & Nature

As Israel flooded with Purim celebrations, it also saw millions of Painted Lady butterflies flutter through the skies. The black and orange “Cosmopolitan” of butterflies are in migration mode, flying from the Arabian Peninsula, and landing in Israel to refuel themselves on their long journey towards Cyprus and Europe. This is the first time that…

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