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Second Wave of Corona has Arrived

in Health & Science

Over 220 coronavirus cases were confirmed in the last 48 hours. As the Israeli population gets hits with infections and wide-scale testing resumes, the economy will remain open despite specific districts shutting down. About 130 schools and 21,877 students and teachers are currently in quarantine. At least 418 cases have been confirmed in schools, with…

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Black Lives Matter and the Plight of Minorities

in Life, Culture & Sports

 Last week, worldwide outrage hit its peak, as a violent video made waves on social media, documenting George Floyd, an African American man, being murdered by a Caucasian police officer Devin Chauvin. Protests supporting the Black Lives Matter movement have rippled around the world since, and cities across Israel have also shown up in solidarity.…

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Corona Shock Takes an Emotional Toll

in Health & Science

With an economic lockdown that brought shock and fear in massive waves, the re-opening of Israeli society has many Israelis resistant to its speed, with a fresh type of shell shock as the daily grind of “real life” returns. How quickly it takes one routine to crumble, and how quickly does it take us to…

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Corona Re-Opening Continues in Israel

in Economy & Innovation

As Israeli society continues to slowly reopen, the economy is struggling to catch up after its two-month lockdown. A sense of normalcy breezes through the air, yet restrictions are still set in place for residents, whether they choose to abide or not. In the latest numbers, 16,650 have been confirmed with COVID-19 and 278 have…

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The Corona Impact on Israel’s Economy

in Economy & Innovation/Monthly Report

The Coronavirus tidal wave has not spared Israel in its passage around the world. As a small country of 9 million people, heavily reliant on international trade for its survival, the impact has been fast and profound.  First,  the bad news. The closure of its main (virtually sole) gateway, Ben Gurion International Airport, to tourist and business…

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