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Tel Aviv Ignites with Innovation Fair

in Economy & Innovation

Since 2013, thousands of innovators have gathered in Tel Aviv to connect, create and meet at the DLD Innovation Fair. On its fifth consecutive year, the event is set to welcome thousands of people, about 120 delegations from across the world, and hundreds of global startups. With dozens of events hitting Tel Aviv city, attendees…

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Argentina Air route is taking off

in Tourism & Nature

Argentina and Israel are working together to create a new and direct pathway in the sky. The presidents of the two national airlines, El Al and Aerolineas Argentinas, met to finalize their agreement, meaning that flights between Buenos Aires and Tel Aviv can take off as soon as mid-September. The direct flight will be the…

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From Homeless to Hero

in Life, Culture & Sports

When Mariuma Ben Yosef ran away from home at 14 years old, she discovered how it felt to live on the streets, dig in the trash for food, and sleep on benches. In Boston for two years, she also found out just how unprotected she felt as a homeless youth, on a constant maze of…

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Wine Industry is Flourishing

in Life, Culture & Sports

With its borders smaller than the state of New Jersey, it’s incredible to imagine the exponential way the Israeli wine industry has grown. Israel’s climate and various topographies offer an abundant advantage to vineyards which are scattered throughout the country. From the heat of the Negev desert, to the cold and snowy Hermon mountain, each…

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The Spirit of the International Jaffa Jazz Festival

in Life, Culture & Sports/Uncategorized

“It’s not my festival. It belongs to the people.” Spoken by Amikam Kimelman, who played an instrumental role in the creation of the International Jaffa Jazz Festival, and three years down the line, is still going strong, despite its shaky beginning. As a well-known producer, saxophonist and composer, Kimelman is also a founding member of…

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