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Fishing Banned in Israeli Mediterranean

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

The Ministry of Agriculture in Israel has placed a one month ban on fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, due to the rapid decline of fish and with the aim to support a sustainable fish supply for the future. All fishing methods are banned until May 30, except for dropping nets and using fishing poles off…

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Middle East Eating Disorders on the Rise

in Health & Science

While eating disorders are common in affluent Western countries, Middle Eastern countries are unfortunately catching up. Since the 1990s, eating disorders in the region have been on the rise, due to a flourishing diet and beauty industry, social media imagery and influences, and unhealthy stigmas around mental health care. While the issue has been overlooked…

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Israel Made it to the Moon

in Economy & Innovation

Israel’s first attempt to reach the moon was a journey of magnificence. A team of 3 men with a dream, Yariv Bash, Kfir Damari, and Yonatan Winetraub set out in 2010 to build the first ‘grassroots’ spaceship that has ever touched the moon. On April 11, 2019, millions of people watched as Beresheet, Israel’s spacecraft…

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Israel has Lowest Rate of Diet Death

in Health & Science

Eleven million deaths per year are based on destructive dietary habits, on a global scale. The Global Burden of Disease ran a report, published in The Lancet, collecting data of “distribution of intake for 15 foods and nutrients among adults aged 25 years or older across 195 countries, estimated the effect of each individual dietary…

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Israel Universities Increase English Class Offerings

in Life, Culture & Sports

About 12,000 international students attend a variety of English language offerings in Israel. With the aim of doubling that number, the Israeli Council for Higher Education has approved 26 more courses offered in the English language. They recently approved 7 undergraduate courses and 19 master’s degrees in the hopes of bringing in 24,000 students by…

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