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Gay Pride from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

in Life, Culture & Sports

Gay Pride month is taking place around the world, and Israel is abuzz with rainbow flags and shows of love. The annual Jerusalem Pride Parade took place on Thursday, June 6, where over 10,000 people showed to support equality and LGBTQ rights in Israel’s complex capital city. Marchers were accompanied by about 2,500 police officers,…

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3D Printer Technique Simulates Surgery

in Health & Science

Just like flight simulation for pilots, doctors can now simulate surgery, thanks to a new technique developed by Israeli doctors utilizing a 3D printer. For complex and delicate surgeries, for the patients who need them, and the doctors who perform this, the new method has the power to shift the medical process. Before, doctors could…

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Taking on the Ten Commandments 2.0

in Life, Culture & Sports

Imagine standing on the bottom of Mount Sinai, about 3,300 years ago. Moses had just come from a brainstorm session with God, a hackathon for humanity, and was finally ready to present his power points in front of a select group of chosen people. An ecstatic energy must have danced through the air. Only seven…

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TreeTube Saves Trees and Sidewalks

in Tourism & Nature

How do trees grow under cement? For those walking those streets it may go unnoticed; however for landscape artists and architects, the tree and sidewalk is an unlikely yet necessary pair. Without ample room to grow, trees and their roots develop either in an unhealthy manner or can impact and ruin the sidewalks they grow…

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Sde Dov Airport Slated to Start Closure July 

in Economy & Innovation

Operating since 1938, the Sde Dov Airport is slated to shut down full operations by November 2019, beginning with its military operations in July. Named after Dov Hoz, a Jewish pioneer of aviation, the reconstruction of the airport has been initiated by Israel Land Administration. It has been approved by the Tel Aviv District and…

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