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Coming to America, New Visa Waiver Program Possible

in Tourism & Nature

America is one of the most desired travel destinations for Israelis; however, many Israelis who seek visas to visit the United States are declined in droves. For Israelis who still want to fulfill their American dream, the dream might become easier in about 3-5 years. The process has begun between American and Israeli government officials…

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An Israeli map of moments

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For anyone who has been to Israel, a common thread plays throughout their stories. Too many “only in Israel” moments, random acts of kindness, and an overall speechlessness in how to describe the small yet solid country. Israel is one of those places which simply can’t be explained. It’s only when someone steps in to…

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Israeli Shekel is second strongest currency

in Economy & Innovation

The New Israeli Shekel has come in second place as the world’s strongest currency, listed only after the Chinese Yen. According to Gautam Kalani, the foreign currency analyst from Deutsche Bank, the New Israeli Shekels appreciated in value about 6.1% in the past six months alone, and overall is valued about 10% over other global…

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What One Million Jews Did Last Weekend

in Life, Culture & Sports

With hectic days, weeks and months, it’s getting more and more challenging to slow down, relax and rejuvenate. Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein, of South Africa, decided he wanted to create a way to change that, and in 2013, he chose to revive the idea of Shabbat, and put a new spin on it to engage…

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Global sportsmanship fails despite Israeli victory

in Life, Culture & Sports

As the judo competitor takes his place on the gold stand, the flag is raised and the anthem is sung. This is the story for every gold medalist winner at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Judo Tournament – except for those sports competitors who represent Israel. Of the 12-member team of Israelis present at the…

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