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Israeli Banks Meet American Law

in Economy & Innovation

Foreigners in Israel are finding banking more troublesome than usual, and it’s not because of the language barrier, careless service or impatient customers. While banking in Israel has had fairly lax standards in regard to where foreign finances have come from, the American banking system, accompanied by the Department of Justice, is now stepping in…

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Cigarette Butts for a Birthday Gift?

in Health & Science

As the sun set on Friday night, July 19, which was also the Israeli version of Valentine’s Day, over a dozen local residents scattered along the Tel Aviv beach with one goal – to clean up cigarette butts. The idea was inspired by environmental activist and lifestyle mentor, Julian Melcer, who invited both friends and…

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1,000 Surfers Protest Gas Rig to Protect Mediterranean Sea

in Tourism & Nature

About one thousand Israeli surfers took to the Mediterranean Sea on Friday, June 22, not to surf, but to create the largest surf circle as a peaceful protest. The surfers gathered in Herzliya, a city just north of Tel Aviv in Israel to protest against a gas rig by Noble Energy, who wants to begin…

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Israeli Tech Plays the Field at World Cup

in Life, Culture & Sports

While Israel hasn’t taken the World Cup field as a team since 1970, over 100 Israeli technologies are in play in the sports tech world, from real time analysis to hydration management to digital signage. The number of Israeli startups in the sport tech arena has more than doubled throughout the year. Over 60% are…

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Football Fans in Israel Celebrate World Cup

in Life, Culture & Sports

One may think sports is a simple yet thrilling way to bring people together, but as years go on, it seems like more and more politics tend to take the field – especially when it comes to Israel. Instead of the World Cup is a perfect opportunity to create shared space for sportsmanlike behavior, many…

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