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Israeli Medical Cannabis Approved for Export

in Health & Science

Since the first study of THC in 1964 by Raphael Mechoulam, the cannabis market has come a long way. Israel, as a longtime pioneer leading cannabis research, continues to pave the way forward thanks to a recently approved law allowing medical grade cannabis to be manufactured and globally exported. The law is passed after a…

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 Eilat International Airport Opens in Israel

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

The second international airport in Israel has opened its runways in Eilat. The Ilan and Asaf Ramon Airport building began in 2013, and the $460 million project is now operational. In an opening ceremony held on January 21, Benjamin Netanyahu dedicated the airport to Ilan and Asaf Ramon, a father and son who both died…

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Communal Living Makes a Comeback

in Life, Culture & Sports

One could say the concept sprouted in Israel with the first kibbutz in 1909, when group settlements and collective living experiences were both desirable and necessary for survival. Today, of the 270 kibbutzim which exist in Israel, only a handful still operate like they used to. Capitalism and commercialism made communal living less needed and…

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Israel and Jordan Partner on Joint Sea Canal

in Economy & Innovation

One thing Middle Eastern neighbors Jordan and Israel can agree on is the scarcity of the most needed energy resource for survival – water. With Israel’s massive experience when it comes to water preservation and sanitation, a project which had been postponed numerous times based on political conflict is now expected to be moving forward…

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New Israeli Elections in April

in Economy & Innovation

New Israeli elections were just announced and set for April 9, and there is an uproar of action for those seeking the chance for political power within the government. With the opportunity, or hope, for a political shift in the Israeli sphere, a slew of new political parties have been announced. In an unexpected breakaway…

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