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Gas Pipeline Approved Despite Environmental Concerns

in Health & Science

Set to start by mid-January, the Egypt and Israel gas alliance will begin pumping full steam ahead. After a long term process dedicated to crafting a signed deal in 2019, the leaders of Egypt and Israel agreed to transfer up to 7 billion cubic meters of gas through the Tamar and Leviathan structures. Additionally, leaders…

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Israeli Tourism Increases by 11% in 2019

in Tourism & Nature

Over 4.55 million visitors landed in Israel from January through November in 2019. This marks the third consecutive year that Israel has experienced a record-breaking increase in tourism. The top five countries with incoming visitors are the United States, France, Russia, Germany, and England. There was also a 51% increase from incoming visitors from China.…

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Train from TLV – JLM Finally Takes Off

in Economy & Innovation

Taking double the time and double the cost, the fast train between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem finally launched its first successful journey on Saturday evening, December 21. The project was birthed in 2001, was meant to be completed in 2008, yet has seen many road blocks and financial shortages throughout the years. The train, originally…

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Twelve Israeli Cities Join Bloomberg Philanthropies Program

in Economy & Innovation

Twelve cities in Israel were chosen by Bloomberg to focus on city and cultural innovation. Acre, Ashdod, Bat Yam, and the southern region have been pinpointed as grounds for investment. With support of Bloomberg Philanthropies, and working together with the Interior Ministry and the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, a team within the municipality…

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Start-Up Nation Struggles with Supply

in Economy & Innovation/Life, Culture & Sports

 In Israel, 17% of tech startups focus on artificial intelligence, or AI. Of the Israeli investments made in 2018, AI companies received a bulk of it, or 37%, reports Start Up Nation Central. The concern is, what happens when humans invest more in artificial intelligence than in their own? In Israel, the knowledge gap is…

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