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Taking Solar Energy to the Next Level

in Economy & Innovation/Monthly Report/Tourism & Nature

What if energy production was not only climate-friendly but also supported flourishing agriculture in the desert? Ralph Steigrad is trying to get Swiss and Israelis around a table for a pilot project to make it happen. As so often in life, the idea was inspired by a discussion. Ralph Steigrad was still living in Australia at…

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Investing in the Israeli Desert

in Economy & Innovation

More than half of Israel is desert land, yet thanks to innovation and dedication, the desert seems to be truly blossoming. With much focus placed on central Israel, specifically Tel Aviv, in terms of urban development, some eyes are shifting towards a more long-term, and less saturated, focused future – meaning that the Negev is…

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Bedouins and Polygamy Culture in Israel

in Life, Culture & Sports

In Bedouin culture, it is common for men to marry more than one wife. In Israel, it is not. For Bedouins living in Israel, with a population of over 200,000 in the Negev desert, polygamy is part of the culture. Typically, when husbands marry second wives, they often report it to the Muslim court system…

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That Time Israel and Sinai were Friends

in Tourism & Nature

I could feel the nerves running through my veins. Welcome to Egypt. It was my first time crossing the border since moving to Israel in 2010. I had heard that Israelis adored Sinai, yet the rumors quickly shifted in 2011 after an uptick of violence, spurred by terrorists whose aim was to create destruction of…

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The 2,000-Year-Old Judean Date is Back

in Health & Science/Tourism & Nature

An array of Judean date seeds, grown about 2,000 years ago, have been fertilized and nine months later, are beginning to sprout. Out of 32 date seeds, 6 have blossomed to make up their own modern-day tribe of Judean dates. Elaine Solowey, the Director of Sustainable Agriculture of the Arava Institute, who is leading the…

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