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Solar Energy Center Inaugurated in Israel

in Economy & Innovation

The Ashalim Solar Energy Center, situated in the Negev desert, has been inaugurated, and will begin to work commercially to supply solar energy power to about 70,000 homes in Israel. The 988-acre plant is the size of Petach Tikva, or about 400 soccer fields. The large desert expanse is made up of 16,000 parabolic troughs…

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The Snake Scene in Israel

in Monthly Report/Tourism & Nature

Fear of snakes is widespread amidst the human population, and snakes often get characterized as scary and evil. After a snake expedition into the Israeli desert with two herpetologists, or people who study reptiles, it could be time to retell the snake story. According to André Stehlin, a herpetologist from Switzerland visiting Israel, snakes are…

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Israel Burns with Over 1,000 Fires in 3 Days

in Life, Culture & Sports

Fueled by high temperature heat waves, over 1,000 fires were put out in Israel in the past week. Possible causes currently being investigated include electrical negligence and arson, in addition to the local bonfire holiday, and the dry Mediterranean climate. The wave began with Lag B’Omer, Israel’s “fire holiday” where locals often light bonfires. Despite…

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Route 90 and its Dangerous Curves

in Life, Culture & Sports

Route 90 was built in the 1960s, and being the longest road to travel through Israel, it’s also proven the most dangerous. In the past two weeks, seventeen people have died due to automobile accidents on the road. Since 2003, about 2,500 accidents have occurred, with 223 people dying and 6,500 people being injured. In…

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Israeli Archaeology Leads to Historic Treasures

in Health & Science

Archaeologists dig to find evidence of the past, and in Israel, some seem consistently driven to prove the Bible, and that Israel is indeed the promised land. Professor Yosef Garfinkel of Hebrew University digs for the sake of archaeology, though some of his findings in Israel can be considered biblical. During an excavation in Khirbet…

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