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Celebrating the New Year of Trees

in Tourism & Nature

With the passing of the Gregorian new year comes Tu’bshvat, known to many as the “tree holiday,” marking a time in the Jewish calendar when trees are celebrated. Ecological gatherings, harvest feasts and tree planting ceremonies run rampant through the agricultural and educational systems founded in Israel. While some see Tu’bshvat as a trivial holiday,…

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Communal Living Makes a Comeback

in Life, Culture & Sports

One could say the concept sprouted in Israel with the first kibbutz in 1909, when group settlements and collective living experiences were both desirable and necessary for survival. Today, of the 270 kibbutzim which exist in Israel, only a handful still operate like they used to. Capitalism and commercialism made communal living less needed and…

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Intransition: An Art Exhibit to Support Transgender

in Life, Culture & Sports/Monthly Report

When two young Israelis, both identifying as transgender, were murdered in Tel Aviv this past summer, the LGBTQ community raised their rainbow flags high and protested against the violence towards the queer community. In the past decade around the globe, almost 3,000 transgender and diverse-gender people have been killed by shooting, stabbing or beating. And…

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World’s First Daycare for Kids with Cancer

in Health & Science

The “Daycare of Dreams,” located in Ramat Gan, Israel, was built as a space for children with cancer to just be kids. Children with pediatric cancer suffer from weak immune systems and so must take every precaution to avoid contamination, which could be fatal. The daycare is known as the “world’s first sterile educational and…

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Israeli Inclusivity Town Being Built for Disabled

in Life, Culture & Sports

Inclusivity is taking priority in Israel, thanks to inspiration from the musician Yitzchak Perlman’s Genesis Prize. Since being named the 2016 winner, Perlman has taken massive steps to create more inclusive opportunities for people who are disabled across Israel. One project is a brand new town near Beer Sheba called Daniel, which will be all…

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