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Oil Company Fined NIS 100 Million

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

Just about five years ago on December 3, 2014, a pipeline burst leaking five million liters of oil along the border of Eilat and Jordan. The Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Company was doing routine work, and the result of the burst pipe is considered the worst ecological disaster in Israel and the largest oil spill to date.…

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Where Has All the Butter Gone? 

in Life, Culture & Sports

Cookies and croissants eaters across Israel are suffering, as the butter shortage trudges on. Since the start of the year, barely any butter can be seen on supermarket shelves. Big companies like Tnuva and Strauss, the two largest domestic dairy producers, are under pressure, yet are in standstill until the government makes a move, providing…

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Plastic Free is the Way to Be in Business

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

Big business is finally buying in to the fact that consumers care about the environment – and they should too. Big name companies are making changes to their internal processes to support more sustainable structures, and also, their consumer market. IKEA Israel has announced their removal of one-time plastic use items, in their store and…

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Israel’s Inevitable Budget Issues

in Economy & Innovation

The Israeli economy is growing, and its deficit is too. With rising expenses on a second election, tax increases, socioeconomic handouts, and increasing municipal salaries, Israel’s GDP has increased to 4%, despite an expected increase of only 2.9%. With the unknown future of the prime minister and its splay of governmental parties in stalemate, Israel’s…

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How One Skill is Changing Bedouin Women’s Lives

in Life, Culture & Sports

Who knew crochet as a craft could change lives? One Israeli woman and a high scale industrial designing firm, for certain. Inspired by Shula Zaks, a social entrepreneur, philanthropist and strategic business woman, dozens of marginalized, unemployed women in Israel and around the world are employed by The Iota Project. The Iota Project is a…

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