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HealthTech Companies Filling Gaps to Revolutionize Industry  

in Health & Science

With major gaps in the current health care system, some Israeli companies are steadily working towards using technology to create solutions, bringing attention to the ways technology can be used to fill those gaps. One Israeli startup called StuffThatWorks is a data-based platform that connects patients seeking relief. With over 70% of people “googling” their…

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Israel Invests in Foreign Workers Despite High Unemployment

in Economy & Innovation

As citizens suffer from the highest unemployment rate in decades due to coronavirus, Israeli officials authorize hiring 30,000 foreign workers. The Ministries of Labor, Welfare, and Construction have each agreed to import workers, approving the increase of Palestinians from 64,000 workers to 80,000, doubling the migrant workers to over 32,000, and approving work for 700…

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Ancient Soapery Uncovered in Negev Town

in Tourism & Nature

While excavating to create a new southern city, a traditional soapery was uncovered in Rahat, a town deep in the Negev desert. The Israel Antiquities Authority clocked it from 1,200 years ago from the Islamic period when soap used to be made in the most traditional sense. Back then, saltwort ashes were mixed with olive…

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Israel and UAE Celebrate New Peace Ties

in Economy & Innovation

In a major global move on Thursday, the United Arab Emirates and Israel have entered into a peace agreement, with the support of the United States. The UAE is the third Arab country, after Egypt and Jordan, to be on such terms with Israel. In a statement from the White House, it said the two…

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Million Dollar Mask Made in Israel

in Life, Culture & Sports

Israeli Designer Isaac Levy received the request of a lifetime, when a Chinese businessman from America asked for the most expensive face mask in the world. Levy is working on completing the N-99 filtered mask by the end of the year. The 18-karat mask will be studded with 3,600 white and black diamonds, encrusted in…

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