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Fishing Banned in Israeli Mediterranean

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

The Ministry of Agriculture in Israel has placed a one month ban on fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, due to the rapid decline of fish and with the aim to support a sustainable fish supply for the future. All fishing methods are banned until May 30, except for dropping nets and using fishing poles off…

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The Startup Nation has a Salary Problem

in Economy & Innovation

About 21% percent of Israeli residents live below the poverty line, according to an OECD 2016 report, making Israel amidst the highest poverty rates of developed countries worldwide. Of this percentage, over 30% are children. One cause for the massive societal issue is the ever-growing income inequality, not only between genders but between races. A…

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Digital Farming Supports Crop Health

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

Imagine you’re a farmer who grows wheat, and with one snap of a picture, you could detect what was stunting its healthy growth. Taranis, a growing Israeli company, has invented a farming technology to support farmers around the world to take better care of their crops, and specifically to help prevent disease and pest infections.…

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IKEA and McDonald’s Make Accessible Changes

in Life, Culture & Sports

IKEA, Israel’s most beloved homegoods stores, has collaborated with two nonprofit organizations, Access Israel and Milbat, to create furniture add-ons accessible for people with disabilities. Together, the three organizations are working on the initiative called ThisAbles, with the aim of better integrating people who live in Israel with disabilities, and creating a way for them…

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Israelis on Social Media the Most

in Life, Culture & Sports

Walking through the urban streets of Israel, it’s easy to see that most people are glancing down with their eyes glued to their phones. Only a decade ago, Israelis were not able to easily access such a global connection, and today, the smart phone connections are only getting more powerful, which is proven by a…

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