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300 Israeli Artists Give Modern Twist to Ancient Exhibits

in Life, Culture & Sports

Plastic jugs of liquid cleaner sit in the same display as handcrafted mold-blown glass bottles from the 10th century. A 3D printer attempts to capture the beauty of an ancient golden artifact. A hand-carved wooden panda bear sits beside a gang of mummies, on a ventilator machine. These are just a few of the creative…

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Confirmed Cousins, Jews and Arabs Genetically and Anciently Linked

in Life, Culture & Sports

In a recent international study, experts analyzed almost one hundred of said Canaanites skeletons, and found a “deep genetic connection of many Jewish groups today across the Diaspora and many Arab groups to this part of the world thousands of years ago,” says David Reich, a top expert in ancient DNA and a Harvard University…

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The 2,000-Year-Old Judean Date is Back

in Health & Science/Tourism & Nature

An array of Judean date seeds, grown about 2,000 years ago, have been fertilized and nine months later, are beginning to sprout. Out of 32 date seeds, 6 have blossomed to make up their own modern-day tribe of Judean dates. Elaine Solowey, the Director of Sustainable Agriculture of the Arava Institute, who is leading the…

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Prehistoric Temple Found During Roadwork

in Economy & Innovation

The advantage of living in a history-rich land is that a new road can lead to an ancient discovery, though it’s also likely why roadwork takes years in Israel. In the most recent archaeological discovery, a 5,000 year-old city was uncovered in the northern spot, En Esur. Full pathways and stone walls were discovered, and…

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Neanderthals Survived the Open Air

in Health & Science

A recent finding by an Israeli archeological team from the Hebrew University paints a new picture of our ancient ancestors, who lived in the greater Levantine region some 50,000 years ago. Common findings show that Neanderthals dwelled inside caves and rocks; yet the new discovery in the Ein Quashish site proves otherwise. The 675-meter site…

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