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Festive art: online exhibition

in Economy & Innovation

The online platform Israel21c invites guests to an online exhibition that is a must-see – or rather a must-click since each teaser and provocative poster is the gateway to a news worthy story. ‘18 Ways Israel is Changing the World’ spans from cancer sniffing devices to Israelis who help Syrians, latest role models to water…

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Israeli superkid: Hi, I am Itay

in Economy & Innovation

A 14 year-old Israeli teenager is not only a serial entrepreneur but included in Forbes prestigious 30 under 30 list and conference in Israel. It verges on the edge of being intimidating: Itay Pinca’s CV is more than just impressive: Two startups, mobile app developments, press coverage others dream of and yet his rather humble…

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Eilat’s new international airport

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

Most Israelis admit easily that Eilat isn’t the most enchanting place on earth. On the other hand the desert city along the Red Sea turns out to be one of the everlasting hot spots for local tourists and internationals alike. This not only boosted the ego of the local Eilatis who love their city –…

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‘Israelis lack respect of authorities – however in science this is a great attribute’

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science/Monthly Report

Professor Daniel Zajfman is the youngest president of the renowned Weizmann Institute of Science in the history of the research institute. Since the 47-year old physicist took over in 2006, the institute became more renowned and more international than ever before. We spoke with Professor Zajfman about Israeli science and his work as president. Interview…

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RealView offer spectacular 3D images of baby’s organs

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

The images couldn’t be more impressive – the Israeli startup company RealView is able to optically extract not only embryos from the womb but their interior organs as well. The 3D images allow doctors to examine the organs by projecting true holographic images into free space, in other words: reality in 3D. The images can…

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