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Israeli Schools Require Healthy Food

in Health & Science

The new school year in Israel is starting off healthy thanks to new government regulations put in place by the Ministry of Health. A recently signed provision requires afternoon programs and kindergartens to serve nutritious food, and provide educational context surrounding it. The new program begins at the perfect time to instill healthy eating habits…

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The Spirit of the International Jaffa Jazz Festival

in Life, Culture & Sports/Uncategorized

“It’s not my festival. It belongs to the people.” Spoken by Amikam Kimelman, who played an instrumental role in the creation of the International Jaffa Jazz Festival, and three years down the line, is still going strong, despite its shaky beginning. As a well-known producer, saxophonist and composer, Kimelman is also a founding member of…

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Teens Save Lives on Summer Vacation

in Health & Science

Almost 1,000 Israeli teenagers have opted to spend their summer vacation learning how to provide medical care with Magen David Adom, or MDA first aid response organization have acquired hundreds of teen volunteers, aged 15 – 18, who not only learn basic first aid but also how to prevent diseases, and the harm of smoking…

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Egged wins the Tel Aviv Red Line

in Economy & Innovation

With only three runners in the transit game, Egged took home the Red Line win when it becomes the first official operating line in the upcoming Tel Aviv Railway system. The massive public transport infrastructure is only one year into building, and daily efforts are steadily steaming forward to a timely start in 2021, reports…

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Israel is a Mediterranean Dance Mecca

in Life, Culture & Sports

Hundreds of dancers from across the world fly to Israel to experience training at Israel’s dance companies every year. Despite the small country, its dance culture is highly respected, rigorous, and a highlight for dancers on a global scale. Nika Antuenette, a 26-year old dancer currently living in New York City, has traveled to Israel…

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