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Israeli Banks Meet American Law

in Economy & Innovation

Foreigners in Israel are finding banking more troublesome than usual, and it’s not because of the language barrier, careless service or impatient customers. While banking in Israel has had fairly lax standards in regard to where foreign finances have come from, the American banking system, accompanied by the Department of Justice, is now stepping in…

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Cigarette Butts for a Birthday Gift?

in Health & Science

As the sun set on Friday night, July 19, which was also the Israeli version of Valentine’s Day, over a dozen local residents scattered along the Tel Aviv beach with one goal – to clean up cigarette butts. The idea was inspired by environmental activist and lifestyle mentor, Julian Melcer, who invited both friends and…

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Lego Launches Women ‘Hall of Fame’ Museum in Israel

in Life, Culture & Sports

Israeli families and tourists can visit the Holon Lego Park from mid-July to the end of August to wander through boulevards of Lego landmarks, mazes of building blocks, and a hall of fame, of sorts, in honor of many notable Israeli women. The Lego park is constructed annually for “the big break,” or what Israeli…

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Plastic Usage in Israel is Rising

in Economy & Innovation

In just four years, Israel’s plastic tableware consumption has grown by 51%. In 2014, sales were estimated at $124 million and in 2018, sales rose to $187 million. Despite the many environmental concerns and green initiatives from both governmental and private organizations, the growing statistic and reality is scary, and it’s not slowing down. Companies…

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Israel is Not Prepared for Earthquakes

in Tourism & Nature

Northern tremors have run through Israeli earth, and many Israelis seem to be feeling ill prepared for an earthquake. Because of Israel’s growth and development surrounded by conflict, a long life is often short sighted; a likely reason why Israel is dubbed the startup nation. Israeli mentality consists of looking for short term solutions to…

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