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Billions of Butterflies Hit Israel

in Tourism & Nature

As Israel flooded with Purim celebrations, it also saw millions of Painted Lady butterflies flutter through the skies. The black and orange “Cosmopolitan” of butterflies are in migration mode, flying from the Arabian Peninsula, and landing in Israel to refuel themselves on their long journey towards Cyprus and Europe. This is the first time that…

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These Israeli Dogs Detect Cancer       

in Health & Science

A recent study shows that the unique sensory capabilities of dogs may allow them to screen for early signs of specific types of cancer. The study was conducted by Professor Pesach Schwartzman from Ben Gurion University, who reports that dogs and the types of the disease share the same aromatic qualities, so the dog is…

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Digital Farming Supports Crop Health

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science

Imagine you’re a farmer who grows wheat, and with one snap of a picture, you could detect what was stunting its healthy growth. Taranis, a growing Israeli company, has invented a farming technology to support farmers around the world to take better care of their crops, and specifically to help prevent disease and pest infections.…

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National Library of Israel is Online

in Tourism & Nature

In the latest global culture project led by Google Arts & Culture, the National Library of Israel, and a number of its exhibitions, are now available to be seen across the world online. In their project called Once Upon A Try, Google aims to share “stories of invention and discovery,” and is partnering with NASA,…

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Jerusalem Marathon Breaks Records

in Life, Culture & Sports

In the hilliest and holiest city of Jerusalem, a record-breaking number of 40,000 runners took to the streets to run the 9th annual Jerusalem Marathon. On the March 15th Friday morning, these thousands, which included about 4,600 athletes who flew in from 80 countries specifically for the event, chose from six differing routes to take.…

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