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New Aquarium floats into Jerusalem scene

in Economy & Innovation

Jerusalem is expanding its cultural offering even further, and is now taking us all under the sea. The first official aquarium is opening at the end of July in Jerusalem. The aquarium building will be housed on the same land as the Biblical Zoo, and will house a variety of sea creatures and species. With…

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Don’t Go to Israel Travel Video Goes Viral

in Life, Culture & Sports/Tourism & Nature

Some might call it classic reverse psychology, or not, but this class project video about Israel has gone viral in the best of ways. The video was created by Noy Leyb and Maya Gilady, two students from IDC International School who are in a public relations course. The video was released on July 4 and…

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Distracted parents can cause death

in Life, Culture & Sports

The core issue begins with brains that are over-busy – and so they overlook their children in the backseat of an overheated car. An average of about 40 children per year die due to heat stroke from being left in a car, and the Ministry of Health has started a campaign to try to prevent…

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Women Lead in Life Science Industry

in Health & Science

Biotechnology is booming, and women are leading the way. The ratio of women to men in the bio-medical industry in Israel is about 70-30. Based on the large number of women who have been educated in the life sciences, the field is being dominated by women. In addition, the life science industry appreciates experience, education…

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Tel Aviv city pulls an all nighter for White Night

in Life, Culture & Sports

Imagine walking down the street to see acrobatics flying in the starry sky, graffiti artists spray painting local shop doors, and street bands at every corner surrounded by dance parties. This is White Night Tel Aviv, an all-night Arts Festival when the nonstop city lives up to its own name – in overdrive. It’s the…

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