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Preparation Helps Decrease PTSD in Troops

in Health & Science

From birth to adulthood, being surrounded by sirens, conflict, death, and war is traumatic for any and all growing up in Israel. This kind of trauma rests in the DNA of the people and is exhibited largely in a kind of countrywide post-traumatic stress disorder, whether realized or not. Today, a team of about 100…

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American Public Transport is Transforming with Israeli App

in Economy & Innovation

Public transportation will never be the same again. Via, a new Israeli mobile app created by Daniel Ramot and Oren Shoval, has introduced the Israeli concept of the sherut, Israel’s shared minibuses, and made it accessible to all. Sheruts are yellow minibuses which hold one driver and ten passengers, following a fixed route and picking…

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Middle East Gets Olympic Cycling Stadium

in Life, Culture & Sports

Amidst the success of the Giro d’Italia and the rise of the Israel Cycling Academy, a professional Olympic standard cycling track is under construction in Tel Aviv. Named after the “Godfather of Israeli cycling,” the Sylvan Adams Velodrome will aim to grow and promote both competitive and recreational cycling in Israel. With high hopes of…

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Historical Moment in Israel’s Cycling Future

in Life, Culture & Sports

History is in the making as the Giro d’Italia, the Italian grand bike tour will leave its European home for the first time in 101 years to jump start in Jerusalem, Israel on May 4. About 176 of the world’s best cyclists will spend the first three stages of the 21-stage race riding the hills…

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Flash Flood Takes Lives of 10 Youth

in Tourism & Nature

When nature calls, it’s crucial for people to listen. On April 26, a tragedy occurred when 25 teenagers went on a school trip to the Tzafit River, and ten lives were taken when a flash flood overcame the popular hiking trail. The group was part of Bnei Zion Academy, a pre-army youth program, and were…

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