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Israel’s Economy Recovering Post-COVID

in Economy & Innovation

Israel has dropped mostly all of the prior COVID-19 restrictions as of June 1, which have been set in place since March 2020. People no longer need to wear masks outdoors and international travel restrictions have been lifted for outgoing travelers. Foreign travel has opened for groups and citizens’ family members. Gatherings have no limits,…

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Optimistic Elderly May Live Longer 

in Health & Science

A 30-year study on 1,200 Israelis shows that optimism might extend lifespan. The study kicked off in the 1990s and followed people who were born in 1920 or 1921, analyzing their health, anxiety, function, social skills, economic well-being, integrity, and optimism. It also held one-on-one interviews to take stock of other physical, mental, emotional, and…

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Israel Opens First Underwater Park 

in Tourism & Nature

For the first time ever, the Israel Antiquities Authority is declaring a national park underwater. There are about 50 acres extending off the coast of Caesarea, a tourist and archaeological hot spot where discoveries from King Herod’s reign are still being unearthed.  While local divers have helped uncover lost treasures before, this is the first…

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Israeli Healthtech Sector is Thriving 

in Health & Science

Despite the turbulent moments of 2020, Israel healthtech is back on the investment map in a strong way. A sum of about $700 million dollars was invested in healthtech in the first quarter of 2021, which is already more than the $813 million made during the entire year of 2020. With the spotlight on healthcare,…

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Israeli Artist Dani Karavan Dies at 90

in Life, Culture & Sports

Known for his many unique works of art in Israel and around the world, sculptor Dani Karavan passed away last Saturday at his home in Israel. Born in Tel Aviv in 1930, one of his most notable pieces is the stone wall at the Knesset, designed as an abstract art titled ‘Pray for the Peace…

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