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Ancient mosaic found along coast in Israel

in Tourism & Nature

An ancient and beautiful piece of mosaic art was discovered in Caesarea National Park, which lies along the Mediterranean Sea between Tel Aviv and Haifa. The mosaic was a surprising discovery by the team at the Israel Antiquities Authority. The piece displays ancient Greek writing, which is so far illegible; however, helps date the mosaic…

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South Africa rejects Israeli water aid

in Life, Culture & Sports

Water consumption is calculated daily in Capetown, as they are living in dire drought mode since their reservoir system has officially dried up. After three years of no rain, the country is on the verge of a water system shutdown, which would require residents to individually line up at town hall in order to receive…

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Heart disease rates on the decline

in Health & Science

Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in Israel and after years of dedication, studies show that heart disease rates are on the decline. While heart disease numbers are high, Israel is one of the only countries in the world on the verge of drastically reducing death from heart disease. According to a 2017…

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Asylum seeker deportation triggers anger

in Economy & Innovation

The Israeli government and greater community of Israel are going to moral war over about 20,000 asylum seekers who are in danger of being deported from Israel. On January 1, 2018, the government announced that asylum seekers who did not submit a claim would be required to leave the country, or would be indefinitely jailed.…

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Israeli law revised to feed needy

in Life, Culture & Sports

With over two million Israelis living beneath the poverty line, and just about a third of the country’s food being thrown into the trash, there is one major issue blocking the creation of a sustainable solution – the legal system. For restaurants, event halls, hotels and other food institutions, who could potentially donate unused food…

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