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May 2020

A Heatwave of Climate Change Hits Israel

in Health & Science/Tourism & Nature

Extreme heat is common in the Middle East; however, Israel is experiencing a record-breaking feat with the highest temperatures for the longest period of time during May. In what has been almost a week-long heatwave, temperatures have soared over 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The unprecedented temperatures have resulted in waves of Israelis…

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Corona Re-Opening Continues in Israel

in Economy & Innovation

As Israeli society continues to slowly reopen, the economy is struggling to catch up after its two-month lockdown. A sense of normalcy breezes through the air, yet restrictions are still set in place for residents, whether they choose to abide or not. In the latest numbers, 16,650 have been confirmed with COVID-19 and 278 have…

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The City of Jerusalem is Flourishing

in Life, Culture & Sports

In a report by the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, Jerusalem is blossoming, and laying the framework for positive growth. As the largest city in Israel housing over 919,000 people, all signs are pointing up. More religious and Arab residents have joined the employment and educational sectors, and less youth are choosing to emigrate. The…

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The Corona Impact on Israel’s Economy

in Economy & Innovation/Monthly Report

The Coronavirus tidal wave has not spared Israel in its passage around the world. As a small country of 9 million people, heavily reliant on international trade for its survival, the impact has been fast and profound.  First,  the bad news. The closure of its main (virtually sole) gateway, Ben Gurion International Airport, to tourist and business…

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Reopening Israel with Ups and Downs

in Economy & Innovation

Could the Israel and coronavirus saga be coming to a close, or, is it just getting started? After a major economic shutdown and a countrywide lockdown, the effects of COVID-19 are still ringing loudly through Israeli society and the physical, mental, emotional, and financial health of its universal audience. While the strict regulations have lifted…

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