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Record-breaking Rainfall Leads to Heartbreaking Deaths

in Tourism & Nature

Only days after 2020 swooped in, biblical rain, or perhaps an extreme result of climate change, graced the lands of Israel. Within only a few hours, certain spots received 3.5 inches of rain, more than half of what the month of January typically averages. The country saw various degrees of flooding, which resulted in blocked…

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Hindsight is 2020, Yet Please Make Time for Foresight 

in Life, Culture & Sports

The roaring twenties have arrived, and before we greet it fully, it behooves us to reflect on the decade that preceded it.  The 2010’s saw a revival of the people’s movements, a call for social change from “the bottom up.” From Washington DC to Sudan, rallies convened calling to end racism, antisemitism, and oppression, prioritize…

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Orthopedic Technology Improves Painful Medical Process

in Health & Science

In a medical breakthrough, Israeli technologies are shifting the patient paradigm when it comes to painful orthopedic procedures. When orthopedic surgeries result in the need to adjust and correct internal bone structure, meaning there is a need for external fixation, or the turning of metal screws in the body daily, for months. This process is…

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Israeli Tourism Increases by 11% in 2019

in Tourism & Nature

Over 4.55 million visitors landed in Israel from January through November in 2019. This marks the third consecutive year that Israel has experienced a record-breaking increase in tourism. The top five countries with incoming visitors are the United States, France, Russia, Germany, and England. There was also a 51% increase from incoming visitors from China.…

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