Tesla Enters Israeli Market

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After a few under the radar visits to Israel, Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will enter the Israeli market, bringing a fleet of his electric cars to Israel in January 2020. The “pop up” store will be at the Ramat Aviv mall, where cars will sell for around NIS 400,000 – 500,000.

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The fleet of cars will require power stations, about 150,000 private and 13,000 public ones to ensure ideal operations. To jumpstart a successful integration, the government announced the construction of 2,500 stations for battery-powered vehicles by mid-2020. This push likely came from the need for suppliers to be able to sell electric cars in Israel, making it easier for big honchos like Tesla to make the move. The move supports more cities in Israel offering clean and alternative energy and in a highly trafficked and overcrowded space.

Tesla opened a subsidiary company in Israel, and is currently looking for Israeli management on the ground. The hope is having electric cars will be one quarter of all the cars sold in Israel by 2025. The Minister of Energy, Yuval Steinitz, supports the move, and claims it is on board with his vision to “end Israel’s dependence on polluting energy sources by 2030.”


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