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July 2019

Zencity Tech Brings Power to the Locals

in Economy & Innovation

What do the people want? This is the question that city management company Zencity, answers for any local authorities wanting to listen. While the saying goes that the revolution will not be televised, they never said anything about social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Perhaps that’s just where the people’s revolution begins. The…

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Nature Reserve Declared in Mitzpe Ramon

in Tourism & Nature

A new nature reserve has been declared in the Mitzpe Ramon area, a southern point in the Negev, known for its desert lands and its naturally formed craters. Home to five craters, the two most well-known are the Ramon Crater and the Big Crater. In a recent decision, the Small Crater, or the third largest,…

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Israeli Summer Plagues Have Arrived

in Life, Culture & Sports

As the Mediterranean sun sits closer on the shores of Israel, the country starts to swarm with its annual array of summer plagues. The plagues do not discriminate, and are felt by the people, no matter their background, language, age, or religion. The plagues are the signal that temperatures are on the rise, ready to…

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What’s Happening in Israel by Numbers

in Economy & Innovation

In a 2017 statistical abstract recently released by the Central Bureau of Statistics, the state of Israel has been broken down in a new light. The CBS gathered information from about 255 local and regional resources, with the purpose of sharing with local and national authorities and industries. Hopefully the information will be used to…

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Neanderthals Survived the Open Air

in Health & Science

A recent finding by an Israeli archeological team from the Hebrew University paints a new picture of our ancient ancestors, who lived in the greater Levantine region some 50,000 years ago. Common findings show that Neanderthals dwelled inside caves and rocks; yet the new discovery in the Ein Quashish site proves otherwise. The 675-meter site…

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