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October 2018

Israeli Archaeology Leads to Historic Treasures

in Health & Science

Archaeologists dig to find evidence of the past, and in Israel, some seem consistently driven to prove the Bible, and that Israel is indeed the promised land. Professor Yosef Garfinkel of Hebrew University digs for the sake of archaeology, though some of his findings in Israel can be considered biblical. During an excavation in Khirbet…

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Climate Change is Drying Rivers and Killing Trees

in Tourism & Nature

Water sources in Israel have reached their lowest levels as the worst drought, going on its 6th year, continues. The Israel Nature and Parks Authority is on a mission to keep Israeli flora and fauna alive and well; however, an increase in human water usage and a decrease in rainfall is a destructive combination when…

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Educated Israelis are Emigrating

in Life, Culture & Sports

Opportunity is abundant for educated Israelis. About 5.8% of Israelis who earned academic degrees between 1980 and 2010 have emigrated, mostly to the United States or Europe. In numbers, about 33,000 people, choose to take their knowledge to support their living abroad, most for at least 3 years, a Central Bureau of Statistics report shows.…

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Noble Energy to Sign Gas Deal with Egypt

in Economy & Innovation

A new agreement was reached between Israel and Egypt to deliver natural gas from the Leviathan and Tamar fields direct to Egypt. The beneficial deal represents a milestone reached between the two Middle Eastern neighbors. Noble Energy and some selected partners will acquire approximately 39% equity interest in Eastern Mediterranean Gas Company. The $200 million-dollar…

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Street Safety a Priority After Teenager Dies

in Life, Culture & Sports

A hit and run last week has finally stirred the government to start legislating safety laws monitoring electric bicycles. A 17-year-old teenager, Ari Nesher, died on his birthday when he was hit by a drunk driver on his electric bicycle. With an entire country mourning the untimely death of a young boy, and a consistent…

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