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September 2016

Shalom Simon Peres

in Life, Culture & Sports
Simon Peres (Credit: Mark Neyman)

The passing of Israel’s ninth president and former prime minister is globally mourned. Simon Peres died early Wednesday morning after suffering from a severe stroke two weeks ago. The 93-year old Peres won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 and is one of Israel’s founding fathers. Shortly after news of his death was published, condolences…

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Arabic ‘Sand Storm’ at Academy Awards

in Life, Culture & Sports
Not an ordinary love story by far (Credit: Sand Storm)

This is a first in Israel’s film industry: The award-winning film ‘Sand Storm’ is a directorial debut by Elite Xexer and is now on its way to represent Israel at the upcoming Academy Awards. The catch is that the Israeli family drama ‘Sand Storm’ is spoken entirely in Arabic. The plot is about a remote…

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Fast Train Approach

in Health & Science
Some say, Tel Aviv will become a suburb of Jerusalem and vice versa (Credit: Haim Zach)

If everything goes according to the plan, the fast train connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is scheduled to start operating in 2018. The construction for the long-term project is one of the country’s biggest projects with a budget of NIS 7 billion. For the new train a few records had to be built: the country’s…

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Primetime Emmy Awards 2016

in Life, Culture & Sports
Julia Louis-Dreyfus at this year's Emmys Awards (Credit: Julia Louis Dreyfus Facebook)

It is her fifth Emmy trophy in a row – Jewish actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus was awarded the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series’. She is starring in the political satire show ‘Veep’ which won the the second consecutive award for ‘Outstanding Comedy Series’. Julia in a black dress…

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Snapshots of the Shekel-family

in Economy & Innovation
The Shekel family and their new members (Collage)

Yes, the Currency Department published their annual report for 2015, but this is not what caught our attention – it is the little side notes that make money matters interesting, for some even sexy. Fact is that the overall amount of currency increased to NIS 73 billion from NIS 63 billion (2014-2015). Lower interest rates…

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