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August 2016

Magical Salt Bride

in Life, Culture & Sports
A magical salt covered dress - Sigalit Landau's art at the Dead Sea (Credit: Courtesy, CNN)

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau’s ‘Salt Bride’ photography series is currently exhibited at the renowned Marlborough Contemporary Gallery in London. Propelling the magic of the salty lake to a new artistic level, Landau placed dresses for three months into the Dead Sea. The result is stunning: while the crystals cover each dress entirely, the shapes are…

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A proper beach lesson

in Tourism & Nature
Beach Ulpan - maybe soon a regular institution at Tel Aviv's Gordon Beach? (Credit: Tel Aviv Global)

Tourists and new immigrants had the chance to brighten up their beach afternoons with a couple of free Hebrew lessons that were organised by the municipality in August. Ulpan-teacher and head of the Neve Tsedek Ulpan, Michal Oppenhaim taught language classes right by the beach. However, her focus was somewhat different to ordinary lessons. While…

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Well said, Nathalie Portman

in Life, Culture & Sports
Nathalie Portman at the 83ed Academy Awards (Credit: Wikimedia)

Israeli US-actress Nathalie Portman is not only supposed to be one of the most beautiful Israeli women, she is now starring for the first time in Hebrew! However, in order to brush up her American-accented pronunciation, she had to learn an outdated version of Hebrew, namely spoken in Jerusalem’s 1940s. For Amos Oz’ film adaptation…

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Wonder Woman for Super Women

in Life, Culture & Sports
Gal Gadot - the Israeli Wonder Woman (Credit: Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia)

Promoting for a good cause is part of every celebrity’s career and the same is true for Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. The 31-year old actress recently starred in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and is to continue as main actress in Wonder Woman next year. However, being an Israeli citizen, Gal served in the…

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Chuzpa meets Fashion

in Economy & Innovation
Ruth Dayan and Sharon Tal (Credit: Courtesy Maskit)

When Sharon Tal returned from the US, the fashion designer was ready for something new. “I wanted to create something that would be mine and also bigger than life: a fashion house representing Israeli heritage,” says Sharon. After a career as embroidery expert at Alexander McQueen and being in awe by Kate Middletons’s wedding dress,…

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