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June 2016

The idol of the digital future

in Economy & Innovation/Monthly Report
Dov Moran, one of Israel's technological pioneers (Credit: Katharina Bohm)

If green symbolises success, the north of Tel Aviv is bright green. It takes a half hour drive into the middle of nowhere called Hakvar Hayarok where you won’t only find the most fertile fields. You’ll also find the plain buildings of Israel’s up and rising high-tech industry. This is where Dov Moran is located…

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Israel’s universities reach out

in Economy & Innovation
Tel Aviv University is going global - and TAU is not the only one (Credit: Moshe Millner, GPO)

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A new shift in the Israeli academic landscape is about to have a major impact on the university’s future. While bi-lateral academic research projects have been going on for decades – more recently there has been a push to establish joint programs with other universities. Cornell Tech is the latest addition to an impressive list…

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First trust fund for every child

in Economy & Innovation
They will benefit from the new trust fund - every child below 18 is included (Credit: Einat Anker, GPO)

The National Insurance Institute’s Administration is going to introduce a plan called ‘Savings for every child’ on January 1 2017. The plan will enable everyone reaching age 18 to begin their adult life with NIS 20,000 in the bank. “The new trust fund for every child will go a long way to narrow the social…

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Dede’s Book of Graffiti Art

in Life, Culture & Sports
Dede's Graffiti at at Tel Aviv's Dolphinarium (Credit: Courtesy, Dede Bandaid)

Whoever has an eye for graffiti loves local artists in Tel Aviv. The city is featuring half a dozen street artists. One of them is Dede who is famous for his figures with band aids. His bunnies, bears, machines and people are spread throughout the city with the biggest concentration in Tel Aviv’s Florentin area.…

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A Dance Performance ‘At Your Place’

in Life, Culture & Sports
At your place - wherever this is: Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino dance right there (Credit: Avishai Finkelstein)

Israel is a place of art lovers – there is no other way to explain the incredible amount of 4.5 million tickets annually that are sold for theatre, shows, dance and music. However, this also leaves a large group of people who might be generally interested in arts and music but wouldn’t actually go to…

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