Live broadcast of buzzard’s gossip

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Israel’s wildlife is much discussed these days as the live stream of a buzzard’s family is going viral.

More than 80,000 people have looked in on the buzzards in the Judean lowlands east of Kiryat Gat. “We’re all voyeurs and we all love gossip. In effect it’s a glimpse into a couple’s bedroom,” says Prof. Yossi Leshem of Tel Aviv University about the project of his PhD-student Gilad Friedmann who is studying the long-legged buzzard and the short-toed eagle.

“Watching raptors is the best possible connection to the values of nature preservation and biological diversity,” Friedmann says and adds that it is impossible to get any closer to the nostrils of raptors.

While the information about the family’s life is important to academic research, it fascinates the wider public as well. Particularly night broadcasts are streamed more than 30 000 times at the moment.

Have a glimpse:


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